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Justin Randolph Thompson

Archival Urgent imaginative- Full Length from Bradly Dever Treadaway on Vimeo.

Archival, Urgent, Imaginative
is a documentary dedicated to reflections from the Second National Conference: Justice in Geoscience held at AGU in Washington DC in August of 2022. The video features the co-conveners of the conference Raquel Bryant, Benjamin Keisling and Rachel Bernard sharing their impulses and aspirations. The themes Archival, Urgent and Imaginative frame the conference objectives and are the backdrop for this work which is dedicated to the memory of geophysicist Randolph Bromery who orchestrated the First National Conference on Minority Participation in Earth Science and Mineral Engineering in 1972. The documentary is designed to be of service to the conference objectives of extending participation in the geosciences, asking what has transpired in the 50 years since the first conference. The piece draws upon the work of the co-conveners employing this second conference as a call to arms to make the next 50 years look different. The documentary, filmed and edited by Bradly Dever Treadaway, is a part of Surveying Gravity, a Creative Capital funded project by Justin Randolph Thompson dedicated to the legacy of his maternal grandfather Randolph Bromery.

You can find more information about the Second National Conference: Justice in Geoscience and watch the Plenaries here: