All Images © 2012
Justin Randolph Thompson

Motherlode / Drodesera 2015: Justin Randolph Thompson (USA) Mi Daran Tomba..e Pace..Forse from Centrale Fies on Vimeo.

Mi Daran Tomba..e Pace Forse is a sound based performance created for Live Works Volume 3 in collaboration with Jason Thompson and Andre Halyard. The work draws upon the legacy of Opera singer Leontyne Price, the historic continuum of Triumph in the Italian imagination and the notion of protecting monuments in a sociocultural landscape that uses monuments to forget. The work employs a Triumphal arch echoing the Arco della Pace di Parco Sempione created from scaffolding, a monumental sculptural rendering of Leontyne Price, sandbags as sound instruments, and a marching orchestra in a work that explores the updating of a monument, the barricading of history and the skeletal armature of Expansionism.

The work was performed with:
Giulia Buvoli
Nicoletta Tiberini
Alessandra Bordiga
Alberto Mamberti
Mosé Risaliti
Andrea Potrich

and The Banda Sociale di Dro:
Angeli Gabriele
Massimo Santoni
Desire Versini
Davide Bombardelli
Isabella Fia
Lucia Brunialti
Massimo Santoni
Sebastiano Santoni
Francesco Giampiccoli

The project is curated by Daniel Blanga-Gubbay and Simone Frangi in collaboration with Barbara Boninsegna and Dennis Isaia

Special thanks to Dino Sommadossi, Roberta da Soller, Simon Asencio, Fabio Sajiz, Andrea Pizzalis