All Images © 2012
Justin Randolph Thompson

tryin to get ready from Justin Thompson on Vimeo.

Tryin’ to Get Ready
Justin Randolph Thompson and Leon Jones
ABC Gallery
Curated by Pietro Gaglianò

Tryin’ to Get Ready is a sound based performance reflecting upon spiritual notions of home and the overzealousness of symbolic ‘foreign saviors’. The piece engages the history of a Buffalo Soldier Infantry triumphantly returning the ashes of Columbus to his rightful ‘home’ Genova in 1945. The restitution of this figure frequently viewed as the initiator of colonization in the ‘new world’ is taken as a symbolic reversal of triumph. Percussive marches punctuate spiritual chants and vocal exchanges and distance and reception are engaged as sonic fortification. The performance takes its title from a Spiritual made famous by the Wings Over Jordan Choir (Choir that performed in Genova for the occasion of the restitution of Columbus’ ashes).