All Images © 2012
Justin Randolph Thompson

Get ready you mother… is an installation and performance that examines the theatrical justification of revenge and gestures of spiritual and physical preparation. Drawing its title from the song ‘The Payback’ by James Brown this work creates a dialogue between aggressive funk aesthetics and preventive measures of protection. A series of works elaborating the photographic studies of Jose Maria Sert’s Venganza Catalana are the starting point for a dialogue with a series of hybrid musical instruments and functional sculptures based on makeshift alarm systems and trench art that draws upon the local history of DIY/Guerilla militaristic protection and the anticipation of spiritual vengeance. Wood, canvas, gold and silver leaf, shoe polish, mechanics rags, broomsticks and quilt fragments combine in this second solo project with the gallery. A performance accompanied the opening night meditating on anticipation and preparation while employing the work songs of the African American tradition as the basis of spiritual aspirations.

Get ready you mother... from justin randolph thompson on Vimeo.