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They remain is a film that draws upon the history of public monuments made by Florentine sculptor Romano Romanelli. The work engages the artists studio, currently used for sculpture lessons carried out by his grandchildren, as the backdrop for reflecting upon the replication of colonial values and the obfuscation of colonial violence through uncontested linearities. The work looks at Romanelli’s Monumento ai Caduti with its original models still on display in his Florentine studio in order to unpack forms of re-narration and reframing which have been designed around the artist’s legacy to evade the monument’s violent history and purpose along with the artists alignment with the Fascist regime. The monument in Siracusa, Sicily, originally planned for Addis Ababa, is a site of contemporary veneration on behalf of right wing groups like Casa Pound who regularly advance clean up efforts in its surrounding area. It is also the site of a children’s playground. The work is filmed in the sculptor’s studio in Florence and at the Monumento ai Caduti, his major sculptural work in Siracusa, Sicily and features a soundscape by Sadi, Justin Randolph Thompson and Jermay Michael Gabriel with decomposed electronic sound, the inciting of Ethiopian warriors and a spiritual invitation towards looting.