All Images © 2012
Justin Randolph Thompson

Pay Thunder No Mind - Trailer from Bradly Dever Treadaway on Vimeo.

Pay Thunder No Mind is a performance work and conversation that examines the economics of Jazz, its role as social music and the legacy of longtime Brooklyn resident Eubie Blake. The work engages the language of the Rent Party and an experimental film to generate a cross institutional and intergenerational critique of moldy fig sentiments in regards to popular music and economic stability. Ethnomusicologists, DJs, Jazz Legends and Jazz advocates come together around the heart of a displaced 1920’s Pipe Organ from Eubie’s birthplace, Baltimore, to engage in 12 rounds of meditative hip hop break beats with syncopated advocacy and few natural breaths. FiveMyles as a site for social engagement and the legendary photographs of Jamel Shabazz are the catalyst for this performance which is part of a series dedicated to a Jazz grant called Friskin’ the Whiskers for musicians founded in 2016 as an intergenerational and cross institutional effort to wake the sleeping giants of NYC’s jazz history.

A collaboration between Justin Randolph Thompson, Bradly Dever Treadaway and Jason thompson

Featuring Leon Jones_Referee
Alexander Vergas_Bell Ringer and DJ
Additional Camera_Undine Groeger
Additional Sound_Azumi Fukuoka
Hosted by FiveMyles Gallery
performed amongst the exhibition:
Jamel Shabazz
Standing on the Square
Curated by Myrah Brown Green