All Images © 2012
Justin Randolph Thompson

Earth | Art | Space | Time is based on a retreat held in july of 2023 at The Recovery Plan in Florence. The retreat brought together participants in the creation of the report of the Second National Conference: Justice in Geoscience engaging intergenerational and convergent coalitions to broaden participation of Black, Native/Indigenous, and Latinx students and scholars in geosciences and related disciplines.These participants connected with a group of artists coordinated by The Recovery Plan to think about shifted language and methodologies for earth based research and new forms that the report may take on. This retreat is part of a 50 year timeline towards achieving the goal of altering the statistics of participation and shifting the discipline of Earth sciences as a whole. The retreat was filmed and edited by Bradly Dever Treadaway and is a part of the ongoing work of Surveying Gravity, the Creative Capital funded project examining the legacy of Randolph Bromery who convened the first annual conference to which the second looks. The video is designed as a call to action and accountability.