All Images © 2012
Justin Randolph Thompson

Hide Beaters_Trailer from justin randolph thompson on Vimeo.

Hide Beaters is a sound performance based on Alan Lomax’s recordings throughout Spain in the 1950’s, the traditional instrument the zambomba and polite protest. The work pulls its sound structure from the Lomax recording titled Perdonau si no us Agrada a drum and voice composition that plays with verbal drones as emphasis verbalizing a protest requesting a pardon for what is being said. Electronic hybrids of the friction drum or zambombas, a saxophone trio, a make shift hurdy gurdy, a flamenco dancer, leaf blower powered recorders and fog horns make up the compositional elements. the piece was performed at the Auditorium of the Reina Sofia in Madrid as a part of In-Sonora. The work was in collaboration with Jason Thompson and Bradly Dever Treadaway and included 43 performers including:

Javier Santamaria Muniz and the Colegio Lourdes, Sonia Franco, Costanzo Laini, Francesco Montemurro, Aaron Pozon, Maria Gimeno, Sandra Leal Trevino, Rafaela Gonzalez-Carega Guerenabarrena, Cristina Garcia-Concheso, Javier Perez de Miguel, Antonio Munoz Von Fustemberg, Maria Primo de Rivera, Ximena Garrigues Diaz-Llanos, Sabrina Zanardini, Erick Guerrero Gajaro, and Roberto Fratantonio.

Photos by Sabrina Zanardini.

Forthcoming video by Nicolas Combarro and Miguel Delgado.