All Images © 2012
Justin Randolph Thompson

Traveling Shoes - Trailer from Bradly Dever Treadaway on Vimeo.

•Traveling Shoes: a performative sound work employing a mobile two-chair shoeshine stand with a built in sound system, a jazz trio, a marching band and a shoe shiner engaged in gold leafing the public’s shoes as a metaphor for ascension. Drawing its’ title from an African American traditional folk song that speaks of the necessity for ‘traveling shoes’ when death comes to call, the performance investigates a shifted labor hierarchy, where the shoe shiner becomes provider of the means for redemption. The piece is in collaboration with Choreographer Stefanie Nelson, Filmmaker Bradly Dever Treadaway and Composer Jason Thompson with the participation of Frog and Toads Dixie Quartet and members of the Henry W. Grady High School's Jazz Ensemble.

The work was part of Flux Night Atlanta 2013 curated by Helen Reckitt.