All Images © 2012
Justin Randolph Thompson

standing in a safety zone (Trailer) from justin randolph thompson on Vimeo.

Standing in a Safety Zone is a sound based performance created for Villa La Pietra in collaboration with Jason Thompson that reflects upon occupation, faith and what Harold Acton referred to as the universality of ‘true culture’. The piece draws its title from an African American spiritual that speaks of the necessity of standing alone in unbending faith. A makeshift sound bunker, a trophy cladded communication tower and the metaphoric descent of sculptures with handkerchiefs as parachutes provide the backdrop for a meditation on cultural revolt and the militancy frequently found in its company.

Performers are:
Justin Randolph Thompson
Jason Thompson
Mario Campajola
Nicola Cisternino
Simone Falcone
Francesco Amadio

*All photographs by Riccardo Cavallari
Special thanks to Cristina Fantacci and Ellyn Toscano and Villa Pietra
Video is forthcoming